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General RulesEdit

1. Besides Grammar or spelling, don't edit someone's page unless you have permission.

2. Don't diss someone's work although you can give them constructive critism.

3. Sexual harassment will not be tolerated.

4.Do not ask To be an administrator. You can become an administrator only when you gain our trust and respect to contribute to this wiki. There is an exception; If a beaurocrat knows you're trustworty from previous experiences, you can be an admin. 

5. No edit wars. Contact an admin. 

6.No vandalizing whatsoever.

7.Do not threaten this Wiki or anybody in it.

  • 8.No spamming on pages or on blogs.
  • 9.Do not remove stuff from other users' talk pages.

Admin RulesEdit

1. Do not abuse your power. If you abuse your power, your admin rights may be removed. 

2. Do not lock pages unless there is a specific reason. 

3. Only block someone for a good reason.

4. Don't delete pages because you want to. You need a reason. The only exception is your own pages. 

Roleplay RulesEdit

1. Only Admins can control real characters and others.