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Tenchi Marrow

Stat info Edit

Level: 22

Attack: 220

Speed:  210

Defence: 192

Inteligents: 230

Status: Jonin

Rank: B-rank

Element: Fire

From: Hidden Leaf Village


Age: 18

Specoaloity:Nin-Jutsu and Tai-Jutsu





Full Chakara Release

Shadow Clone Justu

Chakara Blast



Tenchi Marrow is the son of two great ninja in the hidden leaf village and is the right hand man of Hokage,Naruto Uzumaki. As a child Tenchi's parents were killed by  the Nine Tailed Fox.In a result he was left orphaned.He then looked through his fathers thing and found scrolls and instuctions to train him to be a ninja.Tenchi then got up and left his village for that. Tenchi then faced strong e
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Tenchi ready to fight!

nimes at his young age of 12.After his training was finished he returned to the village at the age of 15(when Naruto became Hokage). He then met Naruto at the Ramen shop an
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Tenchi Marrow falling

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Tenchi Marrow calling out his opponent

d talked with him from dawn to midnight.Not realizing he was the Hokage,he asked him how strong was he.Naruto then took him out side of the village and unleashed his Tailed Beast form to him.

Naruto easily defeated him and took him under his wing.After a 1 of training Naruto still kept it secret that he was the Hokage.  Until Naruto took him into the village and took him to the monuments to see Naruto's' face on the mountains. Tenchi was very very shocked,but he realized it was still the same old Naruto. So he continued his training with Naruto and learned a lot from Naruto those 2 years. After his training was finished Nar uto made him his right hand man and had only a little less power that Naruto does.After being appointed,Tenchi then went into solitary training to learn more techniques such as his full chakara release.Where he trained himself and his chakara to go into a phanomonon state much like Naruto's Nine Tailed Beast form. After this training he resides with Naruto in the village.